Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Urban Quest

One thing is for sure - I love a good deal! Especially when it also involves trying something new. I'm a big fan of the Groupon/Koopon/Living Social etc. craze.

Last year for my boyfriend Matt's birthday I wanted to do something different instead of just going out for dinner somewhere. Lo and behold - Groupon was offering a deal on "Urban Quest" a new activity to the Ottawa area where you follow a series of clues to reach your culinary destination.

Basically how it works is that when you are ready to begin your quest - you must log into the system and print of the clues to begin. At that point you enter how many are in your party and select from a choice of different restaurant types i.e. pub, fine dining etc. Then you are off! The clock starts ticking as soon as you hit go and a reservation is made in your name somewhere at the end of your journey.

Once you complete your quest - you need access to the internet to send your final answer to urbanquest, and they will reveal to you where you will be dining.

I had a great time solving the clues and although we had a few hiccups - it was a fun night out with friends!

I think Urban Quest is a great idea for anyone who has a guest in town, for a family activity or even a first date!

What I liked about it:
  • We learned a lot that we didn't know about our city
  • The walking helped us to work up an appetite.
  • It was fun to have the restaurant chosen for you - for us we had been there before but it could be a good opportunity for someone to try out a new place!
What would make it better:
  • At the time some of the statues on Parliament Hill were under construction which made it hard to solve a few of the clues
  • As we did it later in the year, some of the clues were hard to solve in the dark as it was difficult to see - I would go earlier next time!
Living Social currently has a deal for Urban Quest (http://www.livingsocial.com/cities/83-ottawa/deals/180650-urban-dining-adventure)

Check out their website: http://www.urbanquest.com/

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