Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ottawa's Brewery Scene

Back in my university days, my idea of a good beer was whatever was cheapest! (Who wants to share a pitcher??!!) Although I can still be quite frugal when it comes to my choice of alcoholic beverage, I've come to appreciate what Ottawa has to offer in terms of beer selection. Due to the plethora of beer choices available in Ottawa - I decided to focus solely on the breweries in this post.

Most recently my boyfriend (a confessed lover of  the brewski) and I trekked to the Hunt Club area to sample Broadhead Brewing Company's Grindstone Amber Ale. What a refreshing beverage that was! I would definitely recommend paying a visit and  picking up a Growler or a Keg! As they are new to the area - there isn't much signage so keep your eyes peeled for the Broadhead van! I am definitely looking forward to sampling the other 5 beers that they have to offer.  Keep in mind they often sell out of some of their product so if you follow them on Facebook they provide constant updates of what is available that day.Check out their website as well for updates: http://broadheadbeer.com/index.php
 Another brewery that's making its mark in Ottawa is Kichesippi Beer Co. off of Clyde ave. We've had many chances to frequent this brewery as it's in our neck of the woods! They don't have quite the selection as Broadhead but what they have is worth checking out. Normally I am partial to blonde beer but I really enjoy their 1855. Also an added bonus - they offer free tours of their brewery Saturdays at 2pm. For those of you who have never visited a brewery I would recommend you check it out - it's actually quite an interesting tour and the staff is very knowledgeable. Kichesippi has recently started bottling their beer. You can check them out on Facebook or at their website: http://www.kbeer.ca/

A much anticipated addition to Ottawa's brewery scene is Mill St. Brewery at Lebreton Flats opening January 27th. Most of us who have frequented Ottawa's Bluesfest are familiar with Mill Street's selection of beer. Mill Street's Tankhouse Ale is a popular brew and I really enjoy their Lemon Tea Beer on a hot day. I'm definitely looking forward to trying the new brews that they've put together for the Ottawa location!!
You can follow them on Facebook or check out their website at: http://www.millstreetbrewpub.ca/frontpage

The Clocktower Brew Pub recently opened a new location on Richmond Road in Westboro. It now has 4 locations in Ottawa offering their original brews. I haven't tried many of their selections but did enjoy the Clocktower Red and at a recent gathering was told by someone that their seasonal Pumpkin Beer is the best of that variety! They are also on Facebook and you can check out their website here: http://bank.clocktower.ca/Home/tabid/2603/Default.aspx

Outside of Ottawa city limits (in Vankleek Hill) is Beau's All Natural Brewing Company.  A surefire good time is had every October for their annual Oktoberfest celebration! This past October I attended and got the chance to try a selection of what Beau's has to offer. I am a big fan of their flagship Lugtread beer - which is on tap at many of Ottawa's establishments. Beau's products can also be purchased at the LCBO and  - get ready for this - they've just launched a HOME DELIVERY service!!! So you can now order beer from the comfort of your home. The delivery fee goes to Operation Come Home, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting street youth.
Check it out here: http://www.beaus.ca/bybo Find Beaus online at : http://www.beaus.ca/

An honorable mention in my list goes to Hogsback Brewing Company. Although they have not yet secured a location for their brewery in Ottawa, they are present at many Foodie related functions, are available at the LCBO and are on tap and many food establishments across Ottawa. Be sure to check them out on Facebook and online at:  http://www.hogsback.ca/home.htm

That concludes my list of brewery's in the Ottawa region! If I missed any let me know and I encourage everyone to help support our local businesses by raising a pint or purchasing a keg or Growler from one of the fine establishments listed.



  1. Amazing! The owners of Patty's and Quinn's also have a pub out in Ashton that I hear is wonderful. They have started brewing their own beer called Ashton Ale and its available by the pint at local establishments such as Patty's Pub on Bank and the Murray Street Restaurant.