Friday, April 20, 2012

Chahaya Malaysia - This months Dining Club

Our dining club decided to try an International type cuisine for March's get together. Chahaya Malaysia is  a quaint little restaurant off of  of Montreal Road. It was a first time for most of us trying Malaysian and Indonesian cuisine. 
We started by digging into some tasty shrimp chips (complimentary) while perusing the varied menu. While trying to decide on our order, we were pleasantly surprised to have the owner explain to us the best way to enjoy their cuisine (order a bunch of different dishes and share as a table) as well as give us a run-down of what goes well together. 
Shrimp Chips

Spring Roll Appetizer

We decided to each pick a different dish from a section of the menu (chicken, beef, lamb, noodles, shrimp) with a variety of flavors and spices and ordered 2 styles of rice as sides.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the meal - and there was even enough leftover to take some home! It ended up costing around $20 each - very reasonable for what we ate and the quality of the food and service! 

I would definitely recommend Chahaya Malaysia - the owners were more than welcoming to any questions we had - and took time to chat with us. We even learned that he has a strong connection to the Atlantic Provinces - where the majority of our group is from!!! 

Smorgasbord of deliciousness!!

Us with the owners

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