Friday, May 11, 2012

April Dining Club @ Spin Kitchen/ Kichesippi Brewery's 2nd Bday

This months dining club stopped at Spin Kitchen and Bar in the Ottawa Marriott. A few of us decided to take advantage of their $5 @ 5 specials and headed down straight from work for a drink and some munchies.

There are a limited number of drinks and appetizers that are available between 5pm and 6pm for $5 each - which is a pretty good deal. I tried the Mangotini - yum!! Doesn't really taste like mango or have any mango in it but was delish nonetheless.

We shared the jalopeno poppers, coconut shrimp and tequila lime bbq wings - all were quite good.

Once our party arrived things started to go downhill. The service was definitely lacking as instead of having a table ready for our reservation (that I made a month ago) the server said "we'll just pull these 2 tables together."  and the service continued to be very slow for the rest of our meal.

As for the food, most of us ordered appetizers as they had a deal that if you came for the $5 at 5 you got a free salad or soup before 7pm. I ordered the seafood chower which was a big mistake. The shrimp was horribly overcooked and the "seafood" was imitation and the texture was not appealing.
Once our main courses arrived, most of us were pretty happy with our meals. I ordered the pork chop which was a nice size portion and was disappointing.

Overall I don't thnk I'd return to Spin Kitchen unless I was going for the $5 at 5:00 deal. The prices were definitely inflated for what you got. Especially the $4.00 for a cup of drip coffee. My bill ended up coming to just over $60 for appetizers, a meal and dessert which normally wouldn't be too bad except in this case the food was not high quality and the service was not good.


A few weeks ago I attended Kichesippi Brewery's 2nd Birthday Celebration. I was really looking forward to trying their new beer - the Maibock - which definitely did not disappoint. So good in fact that the brewery has now sold out of growlers!
In true birthday party style - there were a few key food vendors in attendance to tease our palates with their culinary creations. We started by sharing a bowl of the Wuchak Black Stew from the Piggy Market - paired with a Ham and Cheese Sandwich. Both were scrumptious - but I could've eaten a vat of that stew - wow!! 

We then moved on to dessert part 1 - delicious pie from Life of Pie - I had the strawberry rhubarb which was stewed in one of the brewery's beer. Matt had the chocolate pecan which was melt in your mouth delicious.

After some more beer drinking and mingling we moved on to dessert #1 - an interesting ice cream medley from Pascale's All Natural. Matt had the Cheddar Bacon Icecream and I chose the Chocolate caramel pretzel ice cream sandwhich.

The icecream tasted exactly like advertised - I found it too odd to eat more than one spoonful but Matt seemed to like it. The ice cream sandwhich was to die for - I'm making my way to the Ottawa Farmers Market soon to try some more of Pascale's creations!!!


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