Friday, June 15, 2012

This months Dining club at Whalesbone + some Java Love

The Whalesbone Oyster House

This month's dining club brought us to The Whalesbone Oyster House on Bank Street. As a group mainly comprised of East Coasters, we all were really looking forward to trying out their fresh seafood menu. It's a very cozy restaurant - they don't have a lot of tables so you definitely need a reservation.

Most of our table started off by ordering some fresh oysters! I myself opted to try their delicious seafood chowder complete with toutons!!!  If you are unaware of this delicious pancake style dough from Newfoundland you definitely need to give them a taste!!!



For our main dishes, we chose a variety of fish - Mackerel, Arctic Char and Walleye - I myself had chosen the Walleye as I had never tried this type of fish before. The presentation was eye-catching, and the meal was a perfect portion of fish. I found my greens to be a tad bitter for my liking but overall everyone was please with their choices.

Arctic Char

Walleye dish
Mackerel Dish


As soon as we walked into the restaurant - the special/dessert board caught my eye so I made sure to make some room for their "banana cream pie" which turned out not to be a pie per se but a mini jar of delicious layers of graham crackers, banana cream and toffee. Two of us had ordered this dessert (and 2 offered to help us enjoy it) and everyone loved it!  

My better half had ordered the shortcake which was beautifully presented with edible flowers on top. He thouroughly enjoyed it (and I enjoyed my stolen bite)

Banana Cream "pie"

Overall I would say the Whalesbone gets 2 big thumbs up from our dining club this month. We would definitely recommend it for a night out. The food was delicious, the service was great and a great atmosphere.

You can visit their website at:

Next month's Dining Club destination: The Foolish Chicken!!

Indie Coffee Passport: 

I recently discovered a really cool initiative for coffee and tea lovers called the "Indie Coffee Passport"Ba. It was developed to encourage people to discover local independent coffee culture instead of   the big chains.

This concept spoke to 3 things that I love: Discovering new places, saving money and of course - coffee & tea!!!

So far we've been to 3 places and have not been disappointed.
Iced hibiscus tea and iced mint tea at Alpha Soul Cafe 

Iced mocha at The Tea Party 

Iced lattes at Stella Luna Gelato Cafe

You can find out more or purchase the passport at this website:

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