Friday, May 24, 2013

Is Ottawa a bore? My semi-rant + The City that FUN Forgot

Toronto recently held their first ever Boring Awards and Ottawa was voted as most boring city.

If Ottawa is boring then I'm not sure my social calendar could handle living anywhere else (and I'm just fine with that) Just in the 8 years that I've lived here so many events and festivals have been added - it's hard to keep up!  

I will admit our Government  leader, the "face" of Ottawa definitely lacks charisma...well personality in general but you can't blame our city for that. Being a goverment worker isn't exactly glamorous but neither is working in the IT Sector which is a growing industry in Toronto. Sorry but it's true!

I'd be interested to know who cast the votes for this "award" I've narrowed it down to a few possibilities:

- A group of Maple Leafs fans still angry that they didn't make it past the first round and the Sens did.
- Lethbridge.Alberta paid off the judges in oil products so they wouldn't win
- A group of Torontonians who've never actually been to Ottawa and have no idea what there is to do here....which seems to be the case for a lot of Ottawa residents.

Which is the drive behind Amen Jafri's documentary entitled "The City that FUN Forgot" scheduled to be screened in early 2013.

Amen was recently quoted in a Metro explaining: “One reaction while making the film was that there’s a lot of things happening, but they’re hidden.You shouldn’t have to look for fun in your city. My reaction to that is ‘why is fun hidden in Ottawa?”

What really resonates with me was her statement that we need to "redefine what we want Ottawa to be as a City"

I genuinely think Ottawa is a great place to live. There is so much happening in the City right now and it's up to us to make it what we want it to be.

Off of the top of my head I can think of a  list of great activities in Ottawa on the horizon: Ottawa Race Weekend, Doors Open Ottawa, Ottawa Dragon Boat Festival, Ottawa Foodie Challenge, or one of the many craft beer related events that have taken the city by storm.) Not to mention that every month in the summer has a different festival (Bluesfest, Jazz fest, BuskerFest just to name a few)

So I'm going to sum it all up with a quote from my mother when I would complain of boredom "Well stop complaining and go find something to do" - so come on Ottawa let's do it!

If you are interested in hearing more about "The City that FUN Forgot - you can check out their Facebook Page  or follow them out on Twitter

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  1. Completely agree! I think those that complain must be very boring people anyway!