Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Is That Rice in My Shoe? - This Year's Dining in the Dark @ Chances R Restaurant

For the past 3 years, Matt and I have been attending the Annual Charity Fundraiser "Dining in the Dark" at Chances R Restaurant in Nepean which, within the last 4 years has raised over $10 000 for Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind.

This is a similar concept to O Noir in Montreal where the restaurant is completely dark. In this case it's a 4 course set meal and you are required to wear a sleep mask throughout which elevates the effect of the darkened restaurant.

The food at this event has been delicious every year and it's an amazing experience. This year was no exception. In order to enhance your experience they match the music to the country of origin of your meal  in order to help you determine what it is.

We were lucky to start the night off with some Canadian Poutine, followed by a delicious spinach and fruit salad from America, a chicken kabob with rice from Greece was our main and an amazing chocolate frozen dessert from Italy rounded off the meal.

Having gone through it before, it is always fun have some friends with us who have never experienced it. One friend in particular got so comfortable this year that he actually nodded off!
Although it is a fun night for most, it can be stressful for some people to, first of all, not be able to see your surroundings and second to trust that the food in front of you is edible. For me what is most humbling about the experience is that you have to raise your hand in order to be led to the washroom.

In order to attend next year's event, I would definitely recommend signing up for the Chances R Newsletter - as this is generally how the event is advertised, along with signage in the restaurant.

And if you are free this weekend - you should venture out to Manotick to check out Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind as part of Doors Open Ottawa. 

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    This looks like such a fun activity, and seeing photos of people eating with sleep masks on made me smile. What a great idea for a fundraiser!

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