Sunday, June 9, 2013

I'll take Ottawa Trivia for $200 Alex

I've been a trivia lover for as long as I can remember. It may be my inquisitive nature or the fact that while other families where cruising around the Game of Life in their plastic cars or trading fake money for properties, my family was quizzing each other on the songs and characters in Disney's Trivial Pursuit. 

For the past 4 years, my boyfriend Matt and I have been playing in a semi-competitive trivia league every Sunday evening at the Royal Oak on Wellington. 

The Ottawa Trivia League began in 1998 at the Barley Mow Pub and in 2006 was expanded into Royal Oak Pubs.Written by Paul Paquet (pictured below) the trivia game has a wide range of questions on various themes and in different formats (my favorite being Sound Bytes - a 5 question round consisting of audio clues)

Our team started out with just the 2 of us and now we're a team of 10 called the "Atlanticadians" as our members represent both the 4 Atlantic Provinces and the Acadian heritage. Having 10 people on a team can sometimes be a blessing or sometimes a curse. It can be challenging trying to agree on an answer with such varying opinions but with some of the obscure questions we've been asked it's also great to have a team with varied knowledge (not just anyone can name the Real Housewives of Orange County)

Its free to play and some locations have prizes for the winning team for myself it's just great to share a pint or two with great friends while sharpening my knowledge. Who knows when I'll need to know who the female ninja turtle was?

If you are interested in playing - there are games 6 nights a week in various locations around town. For more information on trivia locations/times check out the website:

If the weekly trivia game isn't enough - each year we attend World Trivia Night which is the largest indoor trivia event in the world. This event, which benefits the Children's Aid Society of Canada will be in it's 19th year this fall. Paul is also the quiz master for World Trivia Night, which last year raised over $35 000 for children and youth.

In an arena filled with over 1000 people (10 per team) - there is a mix of both trivia league teams and trivia lovers out to support a good cause - some even arriving in costume to win a prize. It's always a fun-filled time often with Storm troopers, cup stacking contests and great trivia!!

For more information on World Trivia Night visit:

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