Thursday, March 27, 2014


Along with being "Sash in the City" my friend Katy Watts of Sheltered Girl Meet World and I run a company called Ottawa Beer Events (OBE). It's relatively new in existence and we have a lot of big plans for OBE, however I wanted to find a way to show my Sash in the City followers my love of craft beer as well!!

Enter "Craft Beer Thursdays"- I'll be dedicating my Thursday's to beer reviews,  posts on must attend events or beer events attended that I enjoyed.

For this first inaugural post, I'm featuring Detour IPA - a session-able beer recently released by Muskoka Brewery. 

So what exactly is a session-able beer? It's a beer that is lighter and lower in alcohol content, usually under 5% Alcohol per volume (in this case 4.3%) which allows you to have more than one over the course of an evening and still be able to walk without falling on your face.

When I first poured Muskoka Detour into my tasting glass, it was a clear golden color with just a hint of head, clinging to the glass. There was a distinct aroma of both floral notes from the hops as well as a hint of citrus fruits.

The taste mirrored the aroma - mixing just enough bitter with citrus and a hint of honey with a smooth finish. 
When I refilled my glass it was as if it were a different beer. This time, though the aroma and taste remained the same - the color was a hazy yellow, demonstrating the "unfiltered" flavour promised on the bottle neck. 

Overall a solid choice for the hot summer days that seem to be in the distant future. I'm seeing this beer paired very well with patios across the city! 

Muskoka Detour IPA can be found in your local LCBO or Beer Store in handy 6 packs. 


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