Thursday, April 3, 2014

CRAFT BEER THURSDAY: Beau's Beer Pairing Brunch

Last year we attended Beau's All Natural Brewing's  Beer Brunch in partnership with Vert Fourchette in Vankleek Hill and I have been patiently waiting for this year's edition.  My patience was rewarded when lo and behold a tweet a few weeks ago announced it was yet again in the works!

I snatched up our tickets and this past Sunday morning my Beau and I trekked out to Vankleek Hill in the unexpected snow. Let me tell you, this brunch was worth every minute of the journey from Barrhaven!

Our meal started out light and fresh with a fruit salad tossed in coconut cream - paired with one of their most recent releases - Ashnan, a wheat wine filled with tropical flavours that paired well with the assortment of fruit. The mellowness of the banana in the salad paired best as the acidity from some of the other fruits sometimes overpowered the beer.

On a normal day if you served me eggs Benedict I would come up with an excuse as to why I wasn't hungry. The one and only time I've eaten eggs Benedict is believe it or not last years brunch. I'm not sure how they make their hollondaise or what kind of magic the chef performs on the eggs but a dish I've once despised now results in a spotless plate. This course was paired with the Kissmeyer: Nordic Pale Ale - a collaboration with Kissmeyer beer resulting in a herbal hoppy maple deliciousness. This was a perfect contrast to the creamy rich eggs Benedict and the salty bacon.

Our third and my favorite course was the Huevos Rancheros - a mexican breakfast dish with fresh avocado, tomato, cilantro, cheese, spinach and tortilla with an egg hidden inside. My favorite course of the morning was paired with my new favorite Beau's beer - Channel Ocho a dark ale perfectly peppered with chipotle, cinnamon and cloves. Once it warmed - the cocoa really shone through and you got the punch of heat on the end - which was perfectly paired with the freshness of the dish.

Onto the fourth course - a beautiful breakfast charcuterie plate with spicy sausage, espresso crusted cheddar, crostini, cretons and prosciutto. The Bottle Imp was the beer of choice for this pairing. This coffee infused Russian Imperial Stout  paired perfectly with the spicy sausage. 

The final course was a french toast casserole served with warm maple syrup. A delectible dessert to complete an amazing meal. Paired with  Wag the Wolf wheat beer, it was the weakest of the pairings. Both the beer and french toast were delicious on their own but instead of the banana notes complimenting the meal, the bitterness from the hops seemed to overpower it.

Overall a fantastic meal - now the wait begins for next year's edition! To end off the morning we visited the Beau's retail store to pick up some take home beer, which is always a nice bonus. I really need to get out to Vankleek Hill more - maybe once the weather warms and they open up their patio. I'm told it's worth the drive!

Until next week! 


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