Thursday, April 24, 2014

CRAFT BEER THURSDAY: Beau's Channel Ocho + Beer Can Chicken

Beau's Channel Ocho, Mexican Spiced Ale pours a deep dark brown with a nice caramel toned head with distinct aromas of cocoa and cinnamon.

The rich chocolate malt flavours fill your mouth instantly leaving behind just a hint of heat on your palate from the chipotle pepper mixed with cinnamon and dried fruit as well as a hint of alcohol from the 8% ABV. As the beer warms the booziness + the chipotle definitely become more apparent and along with the heat, pepper and clove notes definitely appear in harmony with the dried fruit.

As mentioned in last weeks post - I love to cook with beer so we thought we'd incorporate this Mexican beauty into a beer can chicken. We used the beer in 3 ways 1)  in the beer can 2) infused into the meat and 3) in a Stout & Sriracha Beer BBQ Sauce that I got from The Beeroness (love her recipes).

As you can see from the photo the chicken skin had an amazing caramelization - and what you can't see in the photo is how as soon as you cut into it the moisture from the beer oozed out - definitely one of the best beer can chickens I've had!

You can find Beau's Channel Ocho at select pubs across Ontario - or by paying a visit to the brewery or through BYOB


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