Thursday, May 1, 2014

CRAFT BEER THURSDAY: Beer on your doorstep

Seeing as I live in Barrhaven (called Far-haven by some), it's quite a trek for me to Vankleek Hill, home of Beau's Brewery.  You can pick up some of their beer at the LCBO and Beer Store but did you know that you can also have them delivered to your door??

Right now there are 2 ways to obtain some of Beau's wonderful brews: 

1) BYBO:  
Info: The original Beau's home delivery service - will all of the proceeds from he delivery going to Operation Come Home, a charity that helps homeless youth get off the streets. 
Timeline/Delivery days:  Delivered within 72 hours of placing order, Mon-Fri 3pm to 7pm and Sat 12pm - 4pm
Delivery Cost: $15 delivery fee + price of beer
Bonus: You can order limited time seasonal releases that you can't get anywhere else, and they will take your empties as a donation. 

Info: Brew Donkey is a craft beer focused liquor delivery service licensed by the AGCO to deliver all of the craft beer that the Ottawa Region has to offer to your doorstep.
Timeline/Delivery Days: Will confirm delivery within 48 hours of placing order - delivery from Thurs-Sun 1pm - 9pm
Delivery Cost: $12 for up 9 growlers + $4 for Operation Come Home + price of beer 
Bonus: You can return empty growlers for deposit - you can mix and match and order from different breweries. 

Until next week! Cheers! 

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