Friday, May 23, 2014

CRAFT BEER THURSDAY (ON FRIDAY THIS WEEK) - To Brew or Not to Brew - that is the question!

* Craft beer Thursday appears on Friday this week as I wanted to be able to sample our home brew before posting :)

It's no secret that I love craft beer and one of the ways to obtain craft beer is by brewing it yourself. I've always toyed with the idea as it would be super cost effective, however the amount of effort and patience required is what has deterred me from pursuing it.

Enter #Ottbeerbloggers - I mentioned last week that we've started a weekly beer chat, but this group of craft beer lovers also decided to pool our efforts and resources together and brew a communal beer. Well, actually, 2 beer! A Salted Lime Saison and a Blood Orange American Pale Ale.

So one sunny Saturday in April, we gathered the ingredients and some snacks and spent a fun-filled day brewing beer. I have to admit I had a lot of fun! Of course it was great to do it with company and this made the process more interesting. It certainly helped that a few group members regularly home brew and were quite knowledgeable.

So last night we got to taste our finished product - which turned out pretty good. The lime and salt  are definitely apparent and with just a bit of tequila this beer would be great! I think it will pair well with a patio and I'm looking forward to trying the APA next week!

Overall a great time was had and tasty beer was drunk, however I'm not convinced just yet that home brewing is for me.


For more pics from our brew day, check out klwatts on Flickr:

For a full account of brew day from the #OttBeerBloggers - keep an eye out on our website:

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