Thursday, May 8, 2014

CRAFT BEER THURSDAY: Spearhead India White Ale

This week I settled in for #ONBeerChat with the new Spearhead India White Ale - their most recent release which is a marriage of IPA and German Hefeweissen.

It definitely resembled the Hefeweissen in both taste and aroma, pouring a cloudy straw color with a nice white head to top it off with aromas of citrus and bread. 

Then came the IPA - the bitterness was unexpected - even if I knew it was coming, I was still fooled by the Hefeweissen characteristics. The level of bitterness from the hops will definitely appeal to IPA lovers, and the Hefeweissen returns at the end - offering sweet mango and orange peel notes, which become more apparent as the beer site. 

Overall a great summer beer - highlighting both beer styles quite well! 

Until next week...Cheers!

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