Thursday, June 12, 2014

CRAFT BEER THURSDAY: Barley's Angels Meet-up

After a bit of a winter hiatus, Barley's Angels is back in action. We had a meet up at Arrow and Loon on Bank Street on Monday and based on those who attended, there is no shortage of craft beer loving women in Ottawa!

We were lucky enough to have Marissa Begin, aka the Beer Gypsy and rep for Railway City Brewing Company as our featured guest for the meet up. She did a great job of speaking about Railway City and walked us through 3 of the beer they have to offer.

We started with The Witty Traveler a light and fruity Witbier with hints of banana, clove and orange. Marissa was happy to tell us that this would be making it's way into the LCBO very soon.

We then moved on to Dead Elephant, a golden pale ale with lots of citrus and tropical fruits and a sweet honey finish. I loved the personal touch that Marissa added to the tasting but explaining how the beer got its name. You'll have to ask her to find out!

The last beer we samples was the Let the Gruit Times Roll, Railway City's version of a beer with a mixture of herbs replacing the hops. In this case rosemary and sage came through reminding me of the dressing at a turkey dinner. Definitely not a style I drink often but it would be great on occasion for something different.

Overall it was a successful meet-up! Pints were had, 1/2 priced burgers were eaten and prizes were won! There's a lot more in store for Ottawa's Barley's Angels!

Check out the website for more info:


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