Thursday, July 10, 2014

CRAFT BEER THURSDAY: Brews with Celebrities

Celebrities like beer too! I rounded up and sampled some of the recent collaborations with Canadian artists - including a session ale with Sam Roberts Band, a gruit with Margaret Atwood and a Milk stout with Tom Green. 

With RBC Ottawa Bluesfest currently in full swing, it was fitting to start off with a collaboration brew from one of this weekend's performing artists: Sam Roberts Band, who always put on a rocking show.

Spearhead's Sam Roberts Band Session Ale is golden amber ale with a great balance of sweet malt and bitterness. This mixed with a zest of citrus and  a light and crisp finish, at 4.5% you can enjoy a few while sitting back, and rocking out to Sam Roberts Band.

Currently available on tap at select bars and pubs

2) Beau's All Natural  MaddAddamites NooBroo

Whether you are an avid reader or not, if you are Canadian you've most likely heard of or read at least one of Margaret Atwood's novels.

Her latest novel MaddAddam was the inspiration behind the Collaboration beer with Beau's All Natural.

This gruit ale, which generally is a beer that replaces hops with herbs, pours a cloudy orange with very minimal head. The aroma is telling of the flavour, very sweet and fruity with a slight presence of tea notes.

At 5.2% it's not overly high in alcohol so you could enjoy 1 or 2 with a great book on your patio. Perhaps MaddAddam?

Available at select bars and pubs

3) Beau's All Natural The Tom Green Beer

One of the most popular celebrity endorsed beers last year was the Tom Green Beer. Actor and comedian Tom Green made an appearance on Late Night with Jim Fallon to announce it's expansion into the USA.

This milk stout pours a deep dark brown with a nice foamy head that clings to the glass long after it's been poured. The aroma mirrors it's coloring promising dark chocolate flavors, which are delivered on the first sip. This with notes of coffee and a silky smooth finish, make for a light and flavorful stout. Coming in at 5% you can also enjoy a few of these while laughing out loud Tom Green's stand-up routines - just don't get beer up your nose...that hurts!

Available in the LCBO or via

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